Kokerboom Kwilters

Kokerboom Kwilters

The Kokerboom Kwiltersgilde (Quiver Tree Quilters' Guild) was founded at the end of 2011 when about 10 ladies came together on the farm 'Lovedale', about 80km east of Karasburg in Namibia. They started off with an ever popular 'Show & Tell' and a new guild was born. It would take nearly a year for the Guild to be announced formally on 5 December 2012. Their logo was designed by Joamie Gresse and they are now officially affiliated to SAQG as a Country Group.

It was a given that the Nama speaking people of the region would be included. The ladies meet every second month, some have to drive more than 200km to get together.


Chairperson: Riëtte Wasserfall – jariwa@mweb.com.na

Correspondent: Elize Visser – elizev@africaonline.com.na

 Currently we have 22 members, ages ranging between 17 and 70 years.



Dates for meetings( Lapdae)

22 April

10 June (9June = Ai-Ais)

12 August

07 October

28 October = CAN-Breakfast

02 December

12 February 2016

  1. Project 2015: Quilts made up of blocks big or small – own initiative. Tutors/ mentors will be on hand with advice.
  2. Outreach fundraising 2015: A Heaven  House quilt was made and handed over to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN). The Aroab quilters will also be making a charity quilt for CAN and both groups will be donating their quilts of love to CAN in October
  3. Secret projects: Every member has to make some quilted item which is revealed at their December get together
  4. Classes and courses:
  • 27 and 28 March 2015:  Iessie Steenberg taught a Landscape course: photographs in the Gallery below.
  • In August  :Doortjie Gersbach will be teaching traditional quilt techniques. Members will be making Mary's Tiangle and Strippy Kaleidoscope quilts with Doortjie.
  • Elize Visser invites all quilters in the area for a day visit and advice on quilting basics.
  • During the winter months members travel to Ai-Ais, a warm water resort in Namibia, for a Ladies Outing 

Being a quilter is about having friends, being creative, sharing thoughts and ideas, learning from one another and most of all being humbled by our works of art – what a privilege to have the ability to share, to give, to accept, to learn, to create. God bless.