Creative Hands/ Kreatiewe Hande

Creative Hands/ Kreatiewe Hande

Kreatiewe Hande/Creative Hands

This group was started during 2010 by a group of ladies from Pretoria who wanted to experiment with fiber arts and wanted to break away from the more traditional quilts.

We started off with a challenge and each lady was given a 6” x 6” square of fabric. The challenge was to use only colours from the attached piece of fabric and the x-block. No measurements were given.

During the next 18months we experimented with different embellishment techniques.  We worked with folding techniques, evolon, tyvek, metal, angelina fibres, distress dying, dying fabrics, felting and many more.

Every year we do a specific art workshop. During the past year  our focus was on exploring different ideas for design inspiration.

We have two challenges every year. One to be handed in during March and the other at the end of the year. We get together every six months to do our planning.

View some quilts in the Gallery

We are a very close and committed group and for maximum participation we restrict our group to between 12 and 15 members.

For more information contact Ina Meyer on 082 771 6957 or e-mail her at

Below are photos of the Creative Hands challenge. We cut up a photo of the Union Buildings and each member got a piece, which she had to interpret.

This was a lot of fun and as you can see many different styles, etc.