East Coast

East Coast

In 1989, a group of crafters met monthly under the guidance of Vyvyan Muller at Millbrae House. Some of these ladies attended the 1989 Quilt Festival in Swakopmund and came back determined to quilt! The first Show was held at Floradale Nursery in 1989, subsequent Shows followed at Nahoon Methodist Church Hall and currently the annual Show in October is held at the bigger venue of the East London Museum.

Initially the Guild was known as the Kaffrarian Quilters` Guild as the area was the Army territory of the Kaffrarian Rifles. In 2000 it was felt that the name was politically incorrect and it was changed to East Coast Quilters` Guild.
A banner was designed in 1992 by Marilyn Pretorius with the pineapple logo as central motif and the traditional pineapple block used as border with other symbols of the area part of the design. East London is in the heart of the pineapple industry.

As the East Coast Quilters Guild was born in 1989, we celebrated our 25th Birthday in 2010.
We have 7 Founder members still in the guild. These members started sewing at our local Craft Shop and from there they moved onto the present venue.

Chairperson                                  Enul Warrington               074 104 8213

Secretary &

Regional Rep at SAQG     Jenny Flemmer                 084 425 4255

Treasurer                                        Ria White                         083 320 6104

Librarian                         Rosi van Dyl                     083 470 2319

Projects / Teas                           Shona Domeris                 083 228 1173

Publicist                                          Melinda Meyer                 082 557 7622

The East Coast Quilters Guild incorporates quilters from East London, Bathurst, Port Alfred, Grahamstown, and the surrounding country areas.

Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month, at the Beacon Bay Library Hall, Sherwood Road, Beacon Bay, near Spargs Super Spar.


Quilt Teachers in the Area

Liz Marais Hobby Crafts beginners
Anne Attenborough Beginners
Enul Warrington Beginners
Lyn Beal
Jenny Flemmer Beginners