Golden West Quilters

Golden West Quilters

Golden West Quilters Guild Committee 2016- 2017


i)             Chairperson:          Alta Pothas

                                           Telnr:0832951192 / 0182943276



ii)            SAQG Representative: Paul Schutte

       Telnr: 0182973267 / 0722917077


iii)           Treasury:                 Joyce Van Rensburg –

 Telnr: 018 778 2090 / 072 250 6893


iv)          Secretary:                      Linda Bothas

Telnr: 0187874209 / 0835423432


v)            Co-ordinator - Competitions/Exhibitions: Corli Swart

                                                                                     Telnr: 0822568012

                                                                              Email :           

vi)          Newletter Editor :         Marietjie Coetzee

                                 Telnr:  0836283860

                                 E-mail :





The Golden West Quilter’s Guild (GWQG) is the regional Guild of the North West. The North West Quilters’ Guild was founded in 1989 at the Potchefstroom Museum and the name later has changed to Golden West Quilters Guild. The venue for the first meeting was at the Potchefstroom museum.The founder members were: Hettie Schwelnuss, Paul Schutte, Elmine Van der Walt, Christa Potgieter, Babs Theunissen, Alida Sharpe, Alta Pothas and Hannetjie Dos Santos. Seven of the above members namely: Hettie Schwelnuss, Elmine Van der Walt, Christa Potgieter, Babs Theunissen, Alida Sharpe, Alta Pothas and Hannetjie Dos Santos gained recognition for 25 years of uninterrupted membership to Golden West Quilters Guild.

Hettie Schwelnuss was elected chairperson and excelled as one of the first quilt teachers in the region. As the author of a quilting/patchwork book in Afrikaans, published in 1980, she did not only share her expertise but provoked wide spread interest with “Las met Lap – Stap vir Stap”.

GWQG held its first quilt exhibition in 1980 under Hettie Schwellnus leadership.

Hettie Schwelnuss and Mona Van der Walt is Golden West’s honorary members and became lifelong members. Hettie announced her retirement a few years ago, but Mona is still an active member of De Oude Molen Quilters’ Guild.

The logo of Golden West Quilters Guild was designed in 1990 by Susan de Beer of the Country Quilters.

The GWQG made an emblem quilt.. It consists of the weapons of the three smaller groups as well as Golden West’s logo and is being displayed with every quarterly meeting.

Golden West Quilters’ Guild is the affiliated umbrella guild for the North West Province and consists of 4 different regionally based groups namely:

 1.Country Quilters in Carletonville - founded June 5, 1986.. It was established as Carletonville Quilters Guild in 1986, but the named changed to Country Quilters in 1992. Country Quilters has 23 members and will be 30 years old in 2016

 2.Quilting Bees in Klerksdorp - founded January 2004. The guild joined the other two guilds at a later stage. It was established as Klerksdorp Quilters but the name has changed to Quilting Bees. Quilting Bees has 26 members.

3.De Oude Molen Quilters in Potchefstroom - founded September 13, 1988 as a small group and there is 27 members.

4.Pixie Kwilters in Klerksdorp – Founded February 2016


Golden West Quilters’ Guild  has a total of 81 members included two honoree members namely: Hettie Scwellnus who was nominated Pro Dedicate in 2011 as well as Mona Van der Walt

 These  groups are affiliated to the South African Quilters Guild (SAQG).

Today the Golden West Guild has a membership of 81 active members and grew from 8 members in 1989 to 92 members in 2016

GWQG Price Winners:

Some quilters from our region who have received awards on national and international level are:

Paul Schutte, Elmine Van der Walt, Elsje Gelderbloem, Marie Redelinghuys, Marietjie Nel, Susan Wessels Christa Khoury, Charlotte Van Schalkwyk ( Tri-Nation - one of 30 traveling quilts) and Outreach under   leadership of Charlotte Van Schalkwyk (First prizewinners)

The Golden West Guild has kept up the tradition to enter a group quilt at the last four National Quilt Festivals. In recognition they received several awards, namely:

  • Highly Recommended – 1986
  • Merit Award – 2000
  • Highly Recommended 2004 – Country Quilters.          
  • Second Prize 2006 (Port Elizabeth)
  • First Prize 2006 (Port Elizabeth), for the same quilt – for outstanding workmanship and machine quilting.
  • First Prize 2010 (Stellenbosch) and overall best used of colour


Aims of the Guild

  • To promote knowledge about patchwork and appliqué and to promote workmanship of the above through information- and work sessions.
  • To identify specific needs and to initiate courses accordingly.
  • To promote on social level the contact between quilt enthusiasts.
  • To have at least once a year an exhibition or competition (amongst members) of quilt articles.
  • To bring together other quilt groups in the North West Province, as well as nationally; to make contact on individual level in order to exchange knowledge and expertise and also to promote common interests.
  • To inspire new members to take part in patchwork and quilt courses.
  • To promote an environment for quilters in which they can reach their full potential as quilters.


  1. The current annual membership fees for quilt members for 2016 who are not members of one of the smaller guilds are R50.00/year which includes the quarterly newsletters.
  2. Golden West subscription for members who belong to one of the four                                                                                                      guilds in North West is R40/year.
  3. General meeting:

Admission fee for members = R20.00

Admission fee for visitors = R30.00

All paid up members gain automatic membership to the SAQG and also enjoy the many benefits like receiving a high quality newsletter with colour photos of competitions, exhibitions and meetings, four times a year. Through the guilds the members gain knowledge and friendship.




GOLDEN WEST QUILTERS GUILD Meetings 2016          

There are four meetings per year :

  12 March 2016 – De Oude Molen –Potchefstroom

                             National Quiltday – visitors are welcome      

             21 May2016 -    Country Quilters - Carletonville

             26 August- 10 Oktober 2016 -Quilt Retreat and Quilt -Competition

                                                              ‘ LAPPIESTEE ‘and demonstrations

                                                               Potchefstroom Museum

              5 November – Quilting Bees- Klerksdorp

              March 2017 – Pixie Kwilters - Klerksdorp


Projects of Golden West Quilters Guild

Golden West Quilters Guild meets four times per year, rotating between the four Quilt Groups. Vendors are invited to these meetings as well as a guest speaker who would give a demonstration.and show and tell of her/his work. A raffle is held at each of these meetings and a “White Elephant” table is manned by the host Group.  These are both well received and well supported.  A lovely colourful newsletter is issued to each member at each meeting.

Golden West members are very busy learning new techniques, and are enjoying their productive and social hobby.


At every meeting, two or more merchants set up a vendor’s mail to meet the quilter’s needs and tempt them with the latest supplies.

Tea and Refreshments

With every quarterly meeting, a light meal and refreshments are served free of charge.

Guest speakers and demonstrations:

Excellent guest speakers are invited to speak on a variety of quilt-related topics, with demonstrations of techniques, tips and hints on different methods or to conduct mini-workshops and quilt courses.


Golden West’s project for 2013-2014 was a charity quilt ‘under leadership’ of Alta Pothas. Three picnic quilts were raffled during the retreat in August 2014 and the money was donated to three charity organization. The 2015 Rikkie Timms blocks are been finally  handed

Sugarbag Challenge 2016.

Winding Ways

Golden West Retreat and Exhibition:

The Retreat takes place once a year. During the retreat different courses will be presented by local quilters or quilters from other guilds.

Golden West Retreat / Quilt -Competition is from 26 August- 10 October 2016 At the same time an exhibition will be held in the Potchefstroom Museum. More detail will follow later

Golden West Quilters Guild Committee Project:

Every year the committee members decided on a project to enhace togetherness amongst them. The project for this year is a variety of patchwork cushions.

Quilt Display:

The groups of the quarter and hosts for the day normally set up a display of work. Work ranges from utility, traditional to innovative quilts or can be a display of quilts from the guest speaker or guest teacher arranged for the day.

Gift Exchange:

 At the last meeting of the year, a Christmas gift is exchanged amongst the members and  this year it is  : Cracypatch Christmas Bells – by Susan de Beer

National Quilt Day:

Our national Quiltday is  on the 12th March2016

Normally each group will organize their own workshops and quilt exhibition  to the public and enjoy the  rest of the day with tea and cake and quilting



1.Country Quilters- Carletonville

 Meet every third Thursday of the month at the NG Church Oberholzer 9h00..The group includes quilters from Carletonville, Fochville and Parys and host also the  evening Fochville

 Projects : Year project is a Picnic blanket in a bag, Demo on Mini Quilts, Felt   Flowers, Craft Market and Quilt Show  the 19-20 May,. At every monthly meeting the tea ladies will give different demos of patchwork techniques,                        Chairlady: Alida Sharpe

                 Telnr: 0187712593

                  e-mail:   or                                                   

 2.Quilting Bees- Klerksdorp

The group includes quilters from Klerksdorp and Stilfontein

Meet every 2nd Wednesday  of the month at  Elandshaven Old Age Home 9h30

Projects: Four Lapquilts for the Old Age Home, Patchwork Apron, Dol doorstop , table runner, handbag, Quilt as you go, Key and small change purse, Cushion , demo - binding,

    Chairlady: Magriet Swart

                      Telnr: 0184843481 /0828130440


3.De Oude Molen Quilters’ - Potchefstroom

The group includes quilters from Potchefstroom

Meet every third Tuesday evening of the month at Dienssentrum vir Bejaardes 18h30.

Projects: Sewing bag, Year project Ohio Star Quilt, Mini retreat 6-7 May 2016 ,         Charity Quilt, Challenge Competition between their members

                      Chairlady:  Christa Potgieter

                                       Telnr: 0833268343




 4.Pixie Quilters - Klerksdorp

   This group includes members from Klerksdorp and surroundings

   Contact the chairlady for the final year programme

   Projects for 2016: Jelly Roll kwilt, Beginners and Advanced Patchwork classes

   Quilt courses by Doortjie Gersbach : 30 April-1 May – “Kaleidoskoop”

                                                            2 May – 3 May – “Pandemonium”

                                                            4 May – “Crochet “

              Chairlady : Annemarie Styger

                                Telnr: 0728441822