Youth Block Challenge

South African Youth Block Challenge

The Youth Block Challenge has been judged and here are the winners!

Congratulations to all who took part in the Youth Block Challenge.


Category 1   Grades 1 - 4

First  Bayley Smuts (mentored by Tristan Spargo)

Second Kathryn venter (mentored by Jeanette Botha)

Third Charis Hughes (mentored by Irene Hughes)

HC Jasmine Naude (mentored by Mellinda Meyer)

HC Chrismarie Britz (mentored by Malinda Neto)

HC Elandri du Toit (mentored by Debbie du Toit)


Category 2   Grades 5 - 8

First Paige Dolman (mentored by Tristan Spargo)

Second Elme Muller (mentored by Mara de Jager)

Third James Outram (mentored by Pat Murdock)

HC Jaime Harris (mentored by Melinda Meyer)

HC Tristan Langer (mentored by Malina Neto)


Category 3   Grades 9 - 12

First Calista von Wielligh (mentored by Mariette Venter)

Second Charme Britz (mentored by Malinda Neto)

Third Meliska Meintjes (mentored by Sandria Meintjes)

HC Megan Joubert (mentored by Charmaine Joubert)