The South African Quilters Guild

A beautiful quilt by Imme van Deventer, Kokerboom Quilters, Namibia

The South African Quilters Guild was founded in 1989 at the 3rd National Quilt Festival held in Bloemfontein and has been the co-ordinating body of quilting in South Africa since then. The SAQG is a non-profit association with 11 represented Guilds.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster an environment in South Africa where all people interested can reach their full potential in quilt making, nationally and internationally.

DUTIES: The SAQG is responsible for: 

  • Establishing Rules for National Quilt Festivals;
  • Training of Quilt Judges to officiate at National Quilt Festivals;
  • Running Quilt Teacher Accreditation courses;
  • Marketing of quilting in South Africa and abroad;
  • Documenting of Heritage Quilts and
  • Involvement in Outreach Work in previously disadvantaged communities. 

NATIONAL FESTIVALS: The first National Quilt Festival was held in Cape Town in 1988. The National Festivals are now held biennially on a rotational basis by five of the bigger Guilds - Dias, Golden Rand, Good Hope, Oranje and Natal.


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